The Walking Dead Highlights – Season 7 Episode 1 – The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

It had been a long (approximately) 7 months since the we were stuck with the cliff-hangiest of cliff hangers. Yes, I just made up a word there. The Walking Dead writers played with our emotions in the cruelest way possible when they decided to not tell us who got Negan’s bat, Lucille, to the head. I was so upset with this ending (and still am), but I’m still a huge fan of the show and was not going to let that stop me from watching the season 7 premiere!

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere was intense, bloody, and emotionally devastating. Losing two beloved characters, Abraham and Glenn, at one time left me an emotional wreck. I know it sounds dramatic, but these are characters that I have grown to love and felt a connection with. That’s the power of a good television show!


Below are some highlights from the episode in no particular order. If you want to listen to the Girl On Dead podcast episode for the season 7 premiere click HERE.

Highlight #1 – The episode is titled The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Remember Dr. Jenner? He was the doctor from way back in season 1 when our group made it to the CDC. Rick was grateful that Dr. Jenner had saved everyone and Dr. Jenner responded with, “The day will come when you won’t be.”

Wow. I get chills thinking about how accurate that is. This is arguably the worst day our group has ever encountered. Negan and The Saviors represent some of the worst behavior that can occur when an apocalypse happens. Rick is definitely no longer grateful.


Highlight #2 – The Axe

This is your spoiler alert if you have not read the comics (this highlight only).

In the comic book series of The Walking Dead Rick’s hand gets chopped off by The Governor! So, as soon as Negan grabbed the axe and started dragging Rick into the RV I panicked! There was a lot going on with that axe in the RV. So. Much. Tension. Negan slams it on the table so as to taunt Rick. He makes Rick go fetch it in a herd of walkers. He even cleans and disinfects it! Surely the writers were toying with the idea of “should we or shouldn’t we” and took us along for the ride. In the end, there was no hand chopping (although we came super close with Carl, see highlight #4), but I liked that they toyed with this story line in this way.


Highlight #3 – The Kills

They had us thinking for 7 months that only one person was going to get Lucille’d and they killed TWO PEOPLE! My prediction (Eugene) was SO wrong. The first was Abraham 😦 When he was picked I wanted him to look at Sasha so badly but instead he gave her the peace sign. Ugh, I’m tearing up again just typing this! The second kill was Glenn. Thanks to Daryl punching Negan in the face in defense of Rosita (why, Daryl, why?!), Glenn got the bat. I was already crying by this point, but when Glenn got the bat I started the ugly cry. The cry when your lip is quivering uncontrollably and you are hyperventilating. Yeah, it was bad. Okay, I can’t handle thinking about this again. Listen to the Girl On Dead podcast episode about the premiere to hear a more in-depth conversation about these deaths.


Highlight #4 – Carl’s Arm

Carl has already lost one eye, why not lose an arm, too? Negan, being the psychopath that he is, decides that Rick isn’t convinced that he is no longer the one in charge. So to convince Rick that Negan is boss he tells Rick to chop off Carl’s arm. What the WHAT?! Just when I thought all limbs were in the safety zone, Negan pulls this out of his bag of sadistic tricks. Rick of course is distraught over the thought of it and you can see it in his eyes that he’s starting to lose it while Negan is taunting him. Carl finally tells him, “Just do it, Dad.” And finally, just before Rick is about to go through with it, Negan tells him he doesn’t have to because he now believes Rick understands the magnitude of the situation and that Negan really is in charge.

Side note: Why doesn’t Andrew Lincoln have an Emmy?! His acting during this scene was phenomenal! The way he was able to convey the sheer TERROR of having to chop off his own child’s arm was just heartbreaking. Plus, his ability to snot-cry was gross and impressive at the same time.


Highlight #5 – Negan Takes Daryl Hostage

Daryl messed up BIG TIME. He broke the rules and punched Negan in the face while the group is still lined up post Abraham’s death. Negan is taunting Rosita simply because he is such a prick. This gets to Daryl and he decides to rise up and punch Negan. Daryl, what are you doing?! Of course, I thought he had just confirmed his own death, but instead Negan kills Glenn! I know Daryl feels terrible now. This is just a messed up situation all around. Daryl is hot headed and thought his actions would only affect him, but it turns out he got his friend killed. UGH! Negan takes a liking to Daryl and takes him hostage. My only hope now is that Daryl can figure out a way to get some intel while he is at Negan’s compound that can help our group take them down!


Highlight #6 – The Aftermath

Negan and the Saviors leave our group in SHAMBLES. Not to mention, I was left in shambles! What we all just had to go through with this episode was horrific. The group is attempting to get their bearings when Maggie stands up and says that they need to go home and get ready to fight. Rick reveals the obvious which is that they are outnumbered and it would be a suicide mission. Sasha and Rosita have a sweet moment over Abraham’s body. The group gathers Glenn and Abraham’s bodies and head back to Alexandria. And to add insult to injury, a walker stumbles out of the woods and eats the remains of Glenn’s (or was it Abraham’s?) brains. Again, I say, shambles.


Did I miss anything? What did you think of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere? Let me know in the comments!

Want more? I discussed these highlights and more in Episode 033 of Girl On Dead.

Click below to listen to the episode via SoundCloud.

The Girl On Dead podcast is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, YouTube, and iHeartRadio. Thanks for listening!


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P.S. My name is pronounced Sha-Day 🙂


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